Parking Outside School

Dear Parent/Carer,

There has recently been an increase in the number of reports of inconsiderate, illegal and dangerous parking outside schools.

Local police are taking all the necessary steps to educate drivers, increase public awareness, prosecute offenders where necessary and thus help to ensure your child’s safety whilst travelling to and from school.

To help us keep your community safe, please report any incidents that you witness to Police by calling 0845 456 4567, or by emailing

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to a local officer – please contact your Neighbourhood Police Team using the details above.

Your local police team will work with partner agencies, including your school, parish and/or town council, local authority, housing providers and others, to find both short-term and long-term solutions to the problem.  We wish to encourage sensible and safe parking; this should help to reduce congestion as badly parked vehicles slow down other road users including the emergency services and buses.  Inconsiderate parking makes the road dangerous for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

By encouraging parents to take responsibility for ensuring that their vehicle is parked legally we can allow the Police to devote more resources to tackling crime.

Yours faithfully,

Aylsham Safer Neighbourhood Team