We are delighted to announce that following a full consultation, the governing bodies of the Aylsham Learning Federation and John of Gaunt have agreed to formalise the federating of all three schools. From 27 March 2018 John of Gaunt will join the Aylsham Learning Federation, and all three schools will share one governing board. We welcome the John of Gaunt community to our federation.



"Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning and get on very well with one another and with staff." Ofsted

"Pupils are proud of their school and say how much they enjoy their lessons." Ofsted

Welcome to Bure Valley School

At Bure Valley School we strive through: CARE to provide an environment in which your child will flourish, CREATIVITY to develop in your child a life long love and learning, and CHALLENGE to encourage your child to be the best (s)he can be.

The governors, staff and children are pleased to present this website which we hope provides a flavour of our school. We hope it will be a useful introduction, telling you how the school is run and what kind of education we aim to provide for your child. It cannot replace direct personal contact but we hope it will act as a foundation for good relations between home and school. We look forward to getting to know you well and trust that your family’s association with the school will be a long and happy one.

Jamie Olney
Head of School


“Pupils are able to confidently talk about their learning and share their next steps” visiting Headteacher