Norfolk Children’s University – November Graduation 2013

A further 43 children were invited to attend the November Graduation at the University of East Anglia with passport achievements ranging from 30 (Norfolk Bronze) to a massive 465 hours (Postgraduate Silver Award). Postgraduate level and beyond is all about sharing learning with others and Alexander Skinner, who has set the bar incredibly high with his own learning achievements, has been invited to share some of these at the next Graduation ceremony.

Please see the Norfolk Children’s University website and facebook page for graduation photographs and further information about learning destinations.

Norfolk Children’s University Graduation 2013

43 children were invited to attend this year’s graduation at the University of East Anglia, with achievements ranging from National Bronze (30 hours) to a Gold Degree (a fantastic 400 hours!). We are delighted that so many of our children have taken responsibility for their own learning outside of normal school hours and been able to celebrate their achievements at the UEA. Nothing can quite match the excitement caused by the throwing of the graduate caps!

Russian Cossack Dancing

Our Russian dance days turned out to be even more fun than we thought, concluding with a Cossack-style dance off on the school playground! Thank you to professional dancer, Darren Lee, for his energy and enthusiasm and to all the children (and staff!) who entered into the Russian spirit.