Isle of Wight Residential Day 4

Thursday  was just as busy as the days before. The children toured the zoo, learning about all the animals who lived there, with the guide. They collected fossils on the beach and danced the night away. It’s been a fab week. All are looking forward to returning around 5:30pm. There will be a text sent to let parents know if they are delayed.

Isle of Wight Residential Day 3

The children really enjoyed their theatre workshop with Dan and Rowan (resident actors at the Shanklin theatre). At the needles all were fascinated by the sweet making demo and enjoyed tasting the sweets! Today (day 4) they are off to the zoo and looking forwards to the disco at the hotel.

Isle of Wight Residential Day 2

Children enjoyed dancing the night away at Shanklin theatre. They are looking forward to their workshop there later today (Day 3) once they’ve visited The Needles and hunted fossils on the beach.

Children’s University Graduation 2016

Children from Bure Valley School have participated in a variety of Norfolk Children’s University Graduation events this year including our own in-house graduation at school in May and a graduation ceremony for High Achievers at the University of East Anglia on the 14th June 2016. We were very pleased to share these celebrations with expupil, Alexander Skinner, who has amassed a massive 1000+ passport hours and is now an ambassador for the Norfolk Children’s University.

Many congratulations to all the pupils who have recently celebrated graduation successes. It was lovely to see both events so well supported by parents and other family members.

Year 3 Maths

Year 3 were using multiplication to scale up our lego models. For example, a lego model with 12 bricks in it would need 36 bricks in order to be made 3 times bigger.

We also measured the size and weight of our models, then multiplied the measurements to find out what our scaled model would be like.