Children’s University Graduation 2016

Children from Bure Valley School have participated in a variety of Norfolk Children’s University Graduation events this year including our own in-house graduation at school in May and a graduation ceremony for High Achievers at the University of East Anglia on the 14th June 2016. We were very pleased to share these celebrations with expupil, Alexander Skinner, who has amassed a massive 1000+ passport hours and is now an ambassador for the Norfolk Children’s University.

Many congratulations to all the pupils who have recently celebrated graduation successes. It was lovely to see both events so well supported by parents and other family members.

Year 3 Maths

Year 3 were using multiplication to scale up our lego models. For example, a lego model with 12 bricks in it would need 36 bricks in order to be made 3 times bigger.

We also measured the size and weight of our models, then multiplied the measurements to find out what our scaled model would be like.

Y4 National Seeds Experiment

Year four are almost half way through their national experiment on the effects of micro gravity on seeds. The classes have planted their rocket seeds and are starting to see some interesting results. Australia’s seeds are in blue trays and are slightly smaller than Italy’s red seeds, We look forward to finishing the experiment and finding out, from Tim Peake, which seeds have been on the International Space Station.

Cake Sale

Well done to Miss Chamberlain and our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who had a cake sale on 4th May and raised an incredible £140 for the Sick Children’s Trust. Once again you have all been very generous.


Y6 did evolution of living things in science

Looking at how living organisms evolved and how we have become humans by illustrating the layers of earth in jelly. The children had to ‘excavate’ the jelly to see what was in each layer. They could then make their own evolution timeline from sweets.

Journey Round the World

On the week before February half term the whole school went for a ‘Journey round the world’. On Tuesday some parents even came with us!

During the week children had visits from a range of people during which they, learned some African drumming and dance. Tried out some Capoeira (A Brazilian mix of martial arts and dance). Worked with an artist to produce a welcome mural in different languages to reflect the diversity of our school.

As well as participating in activities with our visitors the children also did activities based on the cultures of a range of countries, including, Japan, New Zealand, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, China, Ghana and Jamaica.

You can see many of the activities from the week in the photos.

Y4 Victorian School Days

Year 4 children found themselves transported back 140 years to re-enact a day in the life of a Victorian child at school. The children found themselves copying Bible scripts, repeating their times tables and learning ”the 3 R’s” (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic). Desks were positioned in rows and there was certainly not the opportunities for the group work that 21st century children are used to. As well as having to get used to learning in a different style, the children enjoyed playing Victorian games, and eating just a simple piece of bread and cheese for lunch.

All the adults in Year 4 were impressed with how well the students took on the role of a child in Victorian times, and how much they learnt throughout the day. The  children enjoyed the day but were shocked at how strict the teachers were and the types of punishment that were issued in Victorian days.