‘The Will Shakepeare Show’

Mexico class engaged in some wonderful role play last week. In their own version of the Jeremy Kyle show entitled ‘The Will Shakepeare show’, they explored the motivations of the Hamlet family!

Year 4 Teeth Project

Year 4 are learning about human teeth and have been investigating the effects different drinks might have on them. To do this they have designed a fair test involving putting eggs into liquids such as coke, orange juice, vinegar, milk and water.

italy science

Year 3 Cuisenaire Rods

Year 3 have been looking at the bar model and using it to represent number sentences. You can see them using Cuisenaire rods in the pictures to do this.

Jack Trelawny Author Visit

On Friday 27th November, the whole school were treated to a visit from the author Jack Trelawny. Mr Trelawny has written the ‘Kernowland’ series of books, with titles such as ‘The Crystal Pool’ and ‘Pigleg’s Revenge’.

The children enjoyed a fabulous talk by Mr Trelawny followed by book signing.

Year 6 DT Topic

We analysed the structure, different types and design of the skate ramps in preparation for making our own. On our return to school we have produced accurate drawings of our observations and will be looking at ways we can interpret the different features in to the design of our own mini skate park. Do we want a steep ramp for speed or a 45 degree ramp for trick practise? Year 6 will be busy designing, constructing and testing these ramps over the next few weeks.

National Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was National Anti-Bullying week and the children at BVS did a lot of work on the subjects of What is bullying? and What can we do about it?

Our newly appointed and trained Anti-Bullying ambassadors gave an assembly and led mixed age circle meeting discussions. Each day every class did a short activity based around being kind to others and who to go to for help when necessary.

A big thank you to Miss Chamberlain and our Anti-Bullying ambassadors for all their hard work and support.

Rangoli Patterns Booklet

To share and celebrate in the Tamil festival of Deepavali (the Southern Indian equivalent of Diwali, the Festival of Light) Year 6 children designed their own Rangoli patterns which were mounted and bound into a booklet and sent to the children of Clare House in Tamilnadu, India.  We know that the children in Tamilnadu enjoy looking at the artwork that we send them, as much as our children at BVS like to see the photographs and letters that we receive from India.  Two fantastic children from India class, who are responsible for a weekly collection of unspent small change every Friday afternoon, are pictured with the book of Rangoli patterns which contained some very beautiful and unique designs.  Since September their weekly collection has raised £56.43 – an amazing achievement!