Rangoli Patterns Booklet

To share and celebrate in the Tamil festival of Deepavali (the Southern Indian equivalent of Diwali, the Festival of Light) Year 6 children designed their own Rangoli patterns which were mounted and bound into a booklet and sent to the children of Clare House in Tamilnadu, India.  We know that the children in Tamilnadu enjoy looking at the artwork that we send them, as much as our children at BVS like to see the photographs and letters that we receive from India.  Two fantastic children from India class, who are responsible for a weekly collection of unspent small change every Friday afternoon, are pictured with the book of Rangoli patterns which contained some very beautiful and unique designs.  Since September their weekly collection has raised £56.43 – an amazing achievement!

Year 6 Romans

Year 6 have enjoyed a fantastic day today learning even more about our Roman ancestors. We have specifically learnt about Roman Aylsham by looking at geophysical pictures of a site near Woodlands Nursery- right on our doorstep! Aylsham Heritage Centre helped us become archaeologists for the morning by cleaning and categorising artefacts found on the site! We found so many different things: finger prints, animal markings, smoke damage and a good few bits of roof tiles. We also learnt Latin from a Roman soldier, Planned how many whole roof tiles needed for various roof sizes and ate our Roman Feast prepared by the slaves!!

A special THANKS to the Heritage centre in Aylsham for showing us these incredible finds and allowing us to discover what life in our town might have been like so long ago!

Story Pegging

As part of English planning, story pegging to plan the progression of a story then verbally telling the story to our groups adding additional detail.

Norfolk Children’s University Graduation 2015

Children from Bure Valley School have participated in two Norfolk Children’s University Graduation events this week; 10 children attended the graduation ceremony for High Achievers (165 hours or more passport hours) on the evening of the 16th June and 30 children graduated on the afternoon of the 18th June with achievements ranging from National Bronze Award (30 learning hours) to National Degree (400 learning hours). We were very pleased to share these celebrations with Year 7 pupils from Aylsham High School who were also graduating this week. Particular mention must go to ex-pupil Alexander Skinner, who continues his learning journey at Aylsham High School; Alex, who has amassed a massive 840 passport hours, is one of only two children to have achieved a Doctorate from the Children’s University. Many congratulations to Alex and to all pupils who celebrated graduation successes this week. It was lovely to see both events, which took place at the University of East Anglia, so well supported by parents and other family members.

Young Voices Concert at the O2

On Tuesday 27th January our pupils, staff and families joined over 7,500 children. 36 pupils from Bure Valley from yrs 3-6 attended with lots of family support. Ii was a fantastic experience; all children werevery well behaved, despite being overwhelmed and tired. They’d worked very hard to remember their lines. The 1:30 am arrival back at school was the biggest challenge especially coming into school the next morning! Many thanks to Mrs Small and the other staff for organising such a wonderful experience.

Millie Day & Poppy Spalding, Yr3: “At the O2 we felt very excited; it was really fun and we felt scared as well as excited. It was dark and warm in the arena and we all felt sad that it had to end. , We liked it when all the lights went out and everyone had little torches. The actual singing at the O2 was AMAZING! We loved it so much, we rated it 10/10! It was very different to what we expected.

Amelia Kamara, Yr6: “When we arrived at the O2 after a really long coach journey, we were amazed at the flashiness and enormity of the building. After lunch we sat in the arena to practice together for the first time as the Young Voices Choir, followed by the proper performance after our dinner. There are 100 words and phrases to describe the concert, but the one I’m choosing is: ‘If you weren’t there, you missed out big time! There were dancers and famous singers, plus a fantastic performance of the Mexican Wave! I would so go again!

Freddie Bower, Yr3: “I liked the O2 very much. It was hard to practise all the songs but it was easy to remember them when we got there. I would definitely love to go again!”