Research Project: How mothers and their children think about social situations

Dear Parents and Carers

Marian Quinn, a trainee psychologist studying at the University of East Anglia is currently carrying out some research on how children and their mothers think about social situations (such as meeting new kids or going to parties). It is hoped that the project will help health professionals better understand how children develop anxiety about social situations.

To do this she is hoping to recruit children in Year 5 and Year 6 and their mothers. We have offered Marian our support by allowing her to recruit families from Bure Valley Primary School to take part in her research. Research with fathers is being carried out by another research team so for this reason this study will be interviewing mothers only. For every child that takes part in the research, a sum of £4 in book tokens will be donated to the school. She is hoping to recruit some children and mothers who find social situations difficult, but equally some children and mothers who don’t find social situations particularly stressful.

If you are interested in taking part in this research after reading the information about the research, please either return the attached consent form to the school office, or contact Marian directly at or at 07549 871190.

Thanks for your support,
John Starling and Helen Pope
Head teacher