Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge at Bure Valley School

Our Core Knowledge material is made up of the key bits of knowledge we believe pupils need to know. One pupils have learnt their core knowledge they will be able to apply it and use it creatively to support their learning.

It is important that we work together to help your child with their learning and retention of their core knowledge. To help with this, please click on the subject links on this page, and refer to the core knowledge section for your child's year group. Our core knowledge documents are presented in a simple questions and answer format.

We strongly encourage parents/carers to access our core knowledge material, as use it as much as possible, to support the learning of and retention of this important knowledge.

Remembering key facts is a challenge for us all. We can all recall bits info soon after learning them, but we need to support our pupils to be able to strengthen their long term memory and retention of core knowledge.

Some useful strategies:

  • Test your children often - frequent recall leads to better retention
  • Repetition is important - practice regularly
  • Set quizzes - everyone loves a quiz.
  • Focus on a particular subject or mix it up
  • Randomise what you learn or ask

Key points:

  • Remembering knowledge is a challenge for everyone
  • We can strengthen long term memory and better apply it the more we practice
  • Inactive memories can be forgotten
  • Keep practicing retrieving info from deep within it. Our brains can get better at doing this
  • Space learning over different periods of time – keep revisiting the booklet, the tests and quizzes you set
  • Most of all – make sure it’s low stakes and fun

Knowing the basics can help you apply your knowledge to more challenging problems.