Teaching & Learning

"There has been a marked improvement in behaviour as a result of rigorous and consistent approaches by all staff to implementing the new behaviour policy." Ofsted

Bure Valley School is an inclusive learning community. We strive to maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning in a climate of care, creativity and challenge.

We have the highest expectations of staff and pupils. By demanding and modelling excellence in all areas of learning, behaviour and relationships, we aim to create a school where all pupils make excellent progress.

Our vision is that all pupils will be:

  • Confident, adaptable and resilient
  • Self directed learners who take responsibility for their own learning
  • Active contributors who can work effectively with others

By reflecting the school's values in all that we do, we aim to provide pupils with attributes that will enable them to become healthy and happy individuals.

We characterise effective teaching as:

  • Commitment to do ones best
  • Warm and caring relationships
  • Strong pedagogical knowledge - knowing how to identify, present and explain key concepts
  • Collaboration - working with others to plan, observe, assess and discuss learning
  • Constant questioning
  • Reflection leading to modification of practice
  • Use of mastery to deepen thinking and understanding

We make our expectations for effective teaching clear to all our staff and pupils.

We evaluate the impact of our teaching so that we can continue to improve the quality of teaching.

ALF - Bure Valley - Teaching & Learning Policy

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