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Phonics & Reading Schemes

“You offer an excellent after school programme” Parent

At Bure Valley junior school, we recognise the need to continue to support some pupils with learning grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) to help our pupil’s progress from simple sounds to developing more complex knowledge and skills.

We screen our pupils in Year 3 and follow the Twinkl Phonics programme that has been developed by experts and approved by the Department for Education.

The Twinkl Phonics approach is a rigorous and proven multisensory approach. Children can join in with the adventures of Kit, Sam and the Twinkl Phonics family, while they receive the vital building blocks they need to read and write.

The multisensory approach includes:

  • engaging activities focused on developing and applying reading and writing skills;
  • mnemonics, actions, handwriting formation rhymes and songs to reinforce sound and letter recognition;
  • active repetition to ensure rapid recall of GPCs, common exceptions words.

Twinkl Phonics is a complete systematic synthetic phonics programme, and contains everything we need to teach effective phonics lessons and run phonics interventions. Twinkl Phonics resources provide everything staff need to enhance their phonics teaching and help children apply phonics knowledge to learning across the curriculum.

We also use Rhino Readers, an exciting, original collection of engaging fully-decodable books that align perfectly with Twinkl Phonics. The collection covers all levels. With the Rhino Readers our children will only encounter the sounds and tricky words they have already learnt at their stage of the scheme.

The fully decodable reading scheme includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, quizzes and fabulous illustrations. Pupils can also get instant access to the eBook library on-site and via the free Rhino Readers app.

Twinkl Phonics Scheme

Reading Scheme

Book bands/Oxford Reading Owl

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