Pupil Leadership

"This is a really caring school. The team are wonderful"

At Bure Valley School we aim to give our pupils opportunities to demonstrate real leadership by taking on additional responsibilities in-order to help improve their classrooms, their school, and the local community.

Because our pupil leaders have an important role to play in helping to shape our school culture, we expect our leaders to be role models in everything they do; therefore we take the application process seriously and require pupils to write a letter of application for their roles, outlining and evidencing the attributes and experiences they have that make them suitable for the role they are applying for. In addition we require pupil leaders to have good attendance, punctuality and behaviour records.

The majority of our roles are for older pupils but we give younger children opportunities to develop their leadership experiences in class as well as providing opportunities to become a Class Librarian or School Councillor.

Positions Available

Head Boy & Head Girl (Yr6 only)

Deputy Head Boy & Deputy Head Girl (Yr6 only)

Expected to:

  • speak confidently to different audiences, large or small
  • act as an ambassador for the school
  • support others
  • contribute to the school newsletter
  • represent the school at community events
  • help chair School Council meetings and write up meeting minutes
  • attend (some) Friends of Bure Valley meetings
  • help to recruit/interview new staff
  • help to conduct Pupil Voice surveys
  • attend meetings (as appropriate)
  • hand out halo stickers
  • assist in the running of some whole school events
  • lead termly staff briefings; outlining pupil views to staff

House Captains (Amber, Emerald, Ruby, Zircon) (Yr5/6)

Expected to:

  • help organise/run inter house competitions or whole school house quizzes
  • lead house meetings (as appropriate)
  • count house points
  • lead houses at Sports Day
  • communicate with teacher who has overall responsibility for your house
  • encourage good attendance/punctuality within your house

Sports Leaders (Yr5/6)

Expected to:

  • promote sport and a healthy lifestyle across the school
  • lead weekly sport challenges at lunchtimes
  • demonstrate sports challenge of the week in assembly
  • help organise/set up whole school sports events/activities
  • support John of Gaunt Sports Day/PE provision
  • help monitor and tidy PE cupboard
  • supervise and referee some lunchtime sports activities (Kings/Football etc.)

Head Librarians (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • promote a love of reading across the school
  • maintain the school library collection
  • teach/supervise class librarians
  • zap books in and out
  • write book recommendations
  • lead a book club

English Captain (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • promote a love of English across the school
  • have a high level of literacy
  • be a positive role model for English
  • leads a writer’s club
  • create and help with whole school English events
  • communicate with the English subject leader in school
  • welcome external visitors for example visiting authors/parents

Maths Captain (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • promote a love of Maths across the school
  • have a high level of Numeracy
  • be a positive role model for Maths
  • lead a mathematicians club
  • create and help with whole school Maths events
  • communicate with the Maths subject leader in school
  • welcome external visitors e.g. visiting maths specialists/parents

Science Captain (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • promote science across the school
  • enjoy science
  • know how to conduct science investigations
  • set fortnightly science questions of the week for pupils to answer for house points
  • help organise a science day in school
  • communicate with and support the Science subject leader in school
  • help arrange science visits to Aylsham High School

Digital Leaders (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • promote e-safety
  • support learning across the curriculum
  • run school radio station/podcast
  • blog
  • help set up ICT equipment for assemblies, concerts etc.
  • take photos for school newsletter and website
  • support Computing subject leader to create a film/slide show for display outside office area
  • lead a computing club
  • help to tidy and maintain school ICT equipment (laptops/whisper space PCs)
  • ensure machines are shut down at the end of each school day

Music Monitors (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • keep instruments tidy and organised
  • help to create music displays in practice rooms, recording studio and studio
  • promote music and the choir across the school

Lunchtime Pupil Receptionists (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • greet visitors warmly and politely
  • take First Aid equipment to lunchtime adult first aider
  • help with paperwork – such as organise letters to go to classes, photocopying
  • collect children from the hall and playground as required
  • assist office staff as required

School Ambassadors (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • lead tours of the school for new or prospective parents
  • support whole school events, including some after school events for parents/carers
  • help parents to find the right classroom or area during family learning events
  • welcome new and prospective to school at open evening events

BVS Friendly Faces (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • help staff to encourage others to play nicely at break and lunchtime
  • to always include others in games/activities
  • to make sure undercover area boxes are well stocked and tidied away
  • to read books to younger children
  • to help those who are feeling sad, lonely or left out
  • support anti-bullying ambassadors in their role
  • demonstrate a playground game for children to try out each week during Mon assembly

Premises Team (Y5/6)

Expected to:

  • help pick litter (twice a week)
  • maintain school playground
  • help Mr Sadler clear school hall after lunch (twice a week)
  • report any jobs that need attending to
  • clearing and cleaning lunch trolleys (once a week)

Eco Captains (Y5/6) max 4

Expected to:

  • help ensure our school practices/policies are environmentally friendly
  • make peers aware of global/local environmental issues
  • fund raise for suitable organisations/charities
  • raise funds for school to adopt an endangered animal; deliver assembly updates to the school
  • write a termly piece for the school newsletter

Wellbeing Captains (Y5/6) max 4

Expected to:

  • promote wellbeing and positive mental health across the school
  • help organise whole school events or focus, publicity and positive messages/inspiration
  • encourage peers to talk about mental health with family, friends and mental health first aiders (Ms Fox and Mrs Pratt) and mental health champion (Mrs Pope)in order to access help
  • to role model positive relationships and life skills (for example healthy eating, physical activity …)
  • to let key staff know if they are worried about another child in school