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World Citizenship – Core Knowledge at Bure Valley School

Our curriculum is made up of lots of important knowledge we believe our pupils should know, and being able to retain this core knowledge will increase a pupil’s chances of success within their studies.

Therefore we have created a World Citizen – Core Knowledge booklet for parents and carers to use creatively with their children at home.

This webpage encompasses all curriculum areas and outlines the core knowledge pupils are required to know across the different subjects and year groups.

It is presented subject by subject – in a simple question and answer format.

We strongly encourage parents/carers to use this booklet at home, as much as possible, to support the learning of and retention of this important knowledge.

Test your children.

Set them quizzes. Everyone loves a quiz.

Focus on a particular subject or mix it up.

Key points to note:

  • Remembering knowledge is a challenge for everyone.
  • We can strengthen long term memory and better apply it the more we practice.
  • Inactive memories can be forgotten.
  • Keep practicing retrieving info from deep within it. Our brains can get better at doing this.
  • Space learning over different periods of time – keep revisiting the booklet, the tests and quizzes you set.
  • Most of all – make sure it’s low stakes and fun.



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