Pupil Results


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At the end of Key Stage Two pupils sit tests (which are externally marked) in Mathematics, English Reading and English Spelling Punctuation and Grammar; in addition to teacher assessments in English Writing and Science.

80 is the lowest scaled score that can be awarded and 120 is the highest scaled score in the KS2 SATs tests.

Pupils scoring at least a scaled score of 100+ will have met the expected standard of the test. A pupil awarded a scaled score of 99 or below has not met the expected standard in the test. To achieve the higher standard pupils will have scored 110+.

Pupils whose raw score is below the minimum needed to be awarded a scaled score on the test have not demonstrated sufficient understanding of the KS2 curriculum.

Bure Valley School Statutory Assessment Results 2018

Our statutory assessment results from July 2018 were as follows:

Key Stage 2 (Y6) Attainment:

Proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard:
Reading:  79%
Writing:    84%
Maths:     77%

Proportion of pupils achieving high level of attainment:

Reading:  36%
Writing:    33%
Maths:     19%

Combined attainment in all three subjects:

Proportion of pupils reaching expected standard: 69%
Proportion of pupils reaching greater depth: 14%

Average scaled scores in tests:
Reading:  106
Maths:     104

Key Stage 2 (Y6) Progress:
Average progress scores range from -10 to 10, and are compared with a national average of zero.

Average progress in reading:    -0.74
Average progress in writing:      0.15
Average progress in maths:      -1.73

For more information regarding Bure Junior School pupil performance please follow the link to the DFE Performance Tables website www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/school.pl?urn=120911