"We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team supporting BVS children."

Jamie Olney,
Head of School


"There are positive relationships between all staff and pupils – these create an atmosphere where pupils want to learn."

Role Name
Executive Headteacher Duncan Spalding
Head of School Jamie Olney
Assistant Headteacher Helen Pope
Assistant Headteacher Helen Howard
Year Group Name Area of responsibility
Year 6 Miss S Burditt DT Lead, Maths Lead
Class Teacher
Miss L Holloway Geography Lead
Class Teacher
Year 5 Mrs S Sanders Science Lead
Class Teacher
Mrs H Steward PSHE Lead
Class Teacher - job share
Mrs H Howard English Lead
Class Teacher - job share
Year 4 Mrs H Pope MFL Lead
Class Teacher, part time
Mr M Warnes PE Lead
Class Teacher
Mr A Marsh History Lead
Class Teacher
Year 3 Mrs M Cogley Art Lead
Class Teacher - job share
Mrs M Vincent RE Lead
Class Teacher - job share
Mr D Brookes Computing Lead
Class Teacher
SENCO Mrs R Abramson
HLTA Mrs L Pusey Art PPA Cover, TA
Mr G Pope PE PPA Cover, TA
Teaching &
Classroom Assistants
Miss L Chamberlain
Mr I Goodson
Mrs L Holmes
Ms J Hunter
Miss I Larter
Mrs S Little
Mrs M Moll
Mrs T Osborne
Mrs S Webb
Mrs A Yaxley
Midday Meals
Mrs J Neale
Mrs C Rose
Pastoral Leader Ms S Fox
School Administrator Mrs S Turner
Clerical Assistant Miss J Larkins
Mrs J Watson
School Cooks Mrs N McKeown
Mrs S Coe
Mrs L Jordan
Caretaker Mr D Sadler
Road Crossing Patrol Mr R Kerrison