Vision Statement


"The most able pupils achieve well because they are given challenging work to do and much is expected of them."


Our Mission Statement

‘For Bure Valley to be an excellent and inclusive learning community, in which all children, parents, staff, governors and members of the wider community have mutual care and respect for each other. Pupils and staff members are creative in their teaching and learning and challenge each other to achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development’.

Our School Vision is to promote ‘Care Creativity Challenge’.

Our vision for Care is:

  • For children to show high levels of engagement, courtesy, collaboration and cooperation. To respect themselves, the school and the people in it at all times.
  • For our pupils to take an active role in environmental issues, looking after the school and the local community and taking an interest in wider environmental matters.
  • Respect the cultures and beliefs of others even if they are different from their own.
  • All pupils have an understanding of how to be safe and to make safe and sensible choices.
  • Through a cross-curricular approach, our pupils will make appropriate healthy life-style choices and enjoy sport, exercise and participation in a variety of physical activities.

Our vision for Creativity is:

  • To enhance creativity through open-ended activities, problem solving and the manipulation of materials and ideas.
  • For children to be involved in their learning through the school council and circle meetings.
  • For the school environment to demonstrate the creative nature of our children.
  • Pupils who are confident with technology and who can make appropriate decisions about when and how to use technology to support learning.
  • Through an engaging curriculum, we aim to make learning fun and so help pupils develop lively enquiring minds and value education and become life-long learners.

Our vision for Challenge is:

  • For all groups of children to make at least expected progress across the curriculum and to consistently exceed National levels.
  • For all children to be resilient and persistent in their learning.
  • For all children to learn independently and be self-motivated and reflective..
  • For all children to take risks in their learning and to learn positively from mistakes.
  • A school that works strongly together with a collective drive to challenge both on an individual and corporate level.