"We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team supporting BVS children."

Jamie Olney,
Head of School


"There are positive relationships between all staff and pupils – these create an atmosphere where pupils want to learn."

Role Name
Executive Headteacher Duncan Spalding
Head of School Jamie Olney
Assistant Headteacher Helen Pope - LKS2 Phase Lead
Assistant Headteacher Helen Howard - UKS2 Phase Lead


Year Group Name Area of responsibility
Year 6



Mrs S Graveling Maths Lead
Mr D Brookes English Lead
Mrs H Howard PSHE/RSE Lead
Year 5


Mrs Taylor Music Lead
Miss S Jones Geography Lead
Year 4


Mrs J Prescott RE Lead
Mrs H Steward Computing Lead
Year 3


Mrs S Sanders DT/STEM Lead
Mrs M Vincent Science Lead
Ms A Grove NQT
Mr M Warnes History Lead
Music Mrs P Taylor Music Lead
Mr D Stowell (Orchestra) Norfolk Music Service
Mrs H Stowell (Orchestra/Singing) Norfolk Music Service


Mrs R Abramson SEN Lead
Pastoral Ms S Fox Pastoral/Safeguarding Lead
SEMH Mrs S Dale SEMH Lead
Nurture Mrs M Pratt Nurture




Ms L Harris Art PPA Cover, Art Lead, TA
Mr G Pope PE PPA Cover, PE Lead, TA
Teaching &
Mrs H Ashdown


Mr S Barnden

Mrs L Holmes

Ms S Holehouse Macallan

Mrs S Little

Mrs M Moll

Mrs T Osborne

Ms R Parris-King

Mrs S Moore

Mrs K Timmins

Mrs A Walsh

Mrs C Burnage

Midday Meals
Mrs J Neale

Mrs C Rose


Office, Business, Premises and Finance
ALF Director of Business & Community Strategy Mrs J Tuttle
ALF Finance Director Mrs L Wylcox
ALF Data Manager Mrs S Cooke
School Administrator Mrs S Turner
Clerical Assistant Miss J Larkins
Mrs J Watson
ALF ICT Services Manager Mr M Hampstead
ALF ICT Technical Support Mr C Hillebrandt
ALF Premises Manager Mr S Crisp
Caretaker Mr D Sadler
Road Crossing Patrol Mr R Kerrison


Norse Kitchen Team
School Cooks


Mrs N McKeown
Mrs S Coe


Norse Cleaning Team
School Cleaners


Mr I Wilsea
Ms S Adlington