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Flourish Pledge

At Bure Valley School we share Norfolk County Councils Flourish ambition, therefore we have signed up to their Flourish Pledge to help make this a reality.

Our pledge is a promise and commitment to help the children of our school (and therefore young people within Norfolk) to flourish. 

We will do this by making the following pledge:

At Bure Valley, we pledge to involve our pupils in decision-making at our school and will champion their voices. We will focus on further developing pupil voice over the next year. 

To achieve this, we will:

  • Hold full school elections for a student council
  • Set up pupil/governor links with the Aylsham Learning Federation Governing Board
  • Form a working group of pupils and staff to looking into SEND provision and support
  • Utilise pupils in the creation of our BVS 60 – 60 different experiences for our children to experience and achieve across their time at Bure Valley

By participating in this initiative, and by making our Flourish Pledge a reality, we will be joining other organisations around Norfolk in:

  • Improving the lives of children and young people
  • Raising the profile of our organisation and the work we do
  • Making our school and Norfolk a better place for our young people and their families