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BVS Curriculum Drivers

The following curriculum drivers, alongside our Framework for Excellence and values, underpin our curriculum philosophy and the implementation of our curriculum intent. They are rooted in sound educational theory, but are also a response to the needs of our learning community and our context. They are:

  • To promote effective communication, vocabulary development and a love of reading
  • To be inclusive and meet the needs of all children
  • To provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities beyond the requirements of the national curriculum
  • To develop the whole child and prepare them for the next phase of their education
  • To encourage mentally healthy and emotionally literate children

BVS Curriculum Driver Progression:

Promoting Effective Communication, Vocab Development and a Love of Reading
Aim: BVS pupils will become eloquent and effective communicators who will be able to call upon a good vocabulary base to express their understanding and share their learning in a variety of ways. They will read regularly, and this will help children to both learn and apply technical and challenging vocabulary.
Children are able to expand on their explanations and provide evidence to support their reasoning. They are able to use ambitious vocabulary and agree/disagree respectfully during the conversations they have.Pupils can debate their opinions with clarity and precision. They speak clearly and are confident in presenting to others, in a mature and considered way. Vocabulary chosen is increasingly sophisticated and selected for purpose.
Inclusion – Meeting the Needs of All Children
Aim: BVS pupils will develop an inclusive ethos where they know that everyone’s voice is valued. Everyone has the right to be in our school community and can contribute in their individual way. Pupils are helpful, caring, tolerant, open, respectful and accepting of others.
Children know that friendships make us feel happy and secure. They respect others and do not judge others on their appearance or choices. Pupils know that other families sometimes look different from their own and they should respect those differences. Children know to respect others and understand what stereotypes are and how they can be unfair and negative.Pupils have an open mind to people from different backgrounds, appearances and faiths. They are aware of the need to accept and respect those with disabilities and those with differing sexual orientations. All are seen as equal.
Provide a Wide Range of Experiences & Opportunities
Aim: BVS pupils will have an increasing range of experiences that develop them in a range of areas including the arts, sports, music and more. These will develop a range of skills applicable to situations later in life.
All children are accessing experiences that broaden their curriculum learning and deepen learning. Pupils apply their skills and learning from differing experiences in performance type outcomes. Children are able to use what they have had an opportunity to do. This helps to ensure higher quality outcomes.Pupils have had a range of experiences and opportunities, including a variety of clubs that include taking them out of their comfort zone, overnight stays and facing new learning challenges. Learning of a specialist nature allows children to perform at a high level of skill and proficiency.
Develop the Whole Child to be Secondary Ready
Aim: BVS pupils will finish their primary education high school ready, by being independent, resilient, organised and be able to know how to approach new learning.
Pupils open to taking risks when approaching new situations. They take responsibility, are honest about needing help and are open. Children commit themselves to their learning and self-improvement. Pupils can self-assess and think of their own next steps. They discuss issues of concern, can seek resolutions and start to find links and see relationships in their learning.Pupils respond positively to change and challenges. They take responsible actions to bring about improvement for themselves and others; inviting feedback and dealing positively with praise, setbacks and critique. Pupils communicate their learning in relevant ways to different audiences.
Mentally Healthy & Emotionally Literate
Aim: BVS pupils will become able to self-regulate through an increased level of self-awareness. As a result, they will be able to channel emotions productively and will have developed empathy and other key social skills that support their ability to function independently.
Pupils know that feelings, thoughts and behaviours are linked. They stop and think about their emotions before acting. Children talk about feelings effectively, they understand others’ feelings or concerns and have an appreciation of how other people feel about things. Pupils know the relationship between feeling, thinking and doing, as well as realise what is behind a feeling.Pupils have developed an awareness and a set of strategies to handle fears, anxiety, anger etc. Children have become good listeners and have the ability to cope with conflict, change and challenge. They make appropriate choices based on how they feel and can talk openly about why they feel that way.