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BVS Horizons

At Bure Valley School, we want our children to have as many experiences and opportunities as possible during their time with us. Therefore, we have created BVS Horizons.

Our Horizons experiences offer the children who attend our school the opportunity to take part in events that go beyond those offered by the National Curriculum.

Each year group aims to offer at least five experiences that encourage our children to look beyond their immediate world and begin to think about the wider world and what it can offer us.

Our current offer looks like this:

Year groupAutumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
3Plan and lead an activity with younger childrenEnter a regional or national competitionInterview a person from a non-Christian faithGrow and eat your own foodLearn and perform a song in BSL
4Visit a book shop and speak to staff about their rolesHandle a real Roman artefactMeet an illustratorSleep away from homePerform in front of your peers
5Budget for and purchase foodCreate a food-related businessInterview a religious leaderCook a meal over the fire.Take part in a Q&A with a company specialising in renewable energyExperience the world and beyond in virtual reality
6Talk to an adult who has a career in medicineJoin in a community eventBudget, plan for and run a profit-making stall at the spring fairHave a go at a open-water based activityPerform in front of a large audience
Other opportunities that may ariseVisit from a nationally renowned author or illustrator
Watch a professional live play/performance/music performance
Meet our local MP
Sing/play an instrument at a live performance
Join a local orchestra
Take part in inter-schools sports events