Hungate Street, Aylsham, Norwich, Norfolk NR11 6JZ
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"We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team supporting BVS children."

Jamie Olney,
Head of School

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"There are positive relationships between all staff and pupils – these create an atmosphere where pupils want to learn."

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Role Name
Executive Headteacher Duncan Spalding
Headteacher Jamie Olney
Assistant Headteacher Helen Pope
Assistant Headteacher Helen Howard
Lead Practitioner Sophie Graveling
SENDCO Jo Daubney
Year Group Name Area of responsibility
Year 6
Miss S Jones Geography
Mrs P Taylor Music
Mrs H Howard PSHE/RSE
Year 5
Mr D Brookes English
Mr M Warnes History/Maths (maternity cover)
Year 4
Mrs J Prescott RE
Miss A Grove Computing/MFL
Year 3
Mrs M Vincent Science
Mrs S Davies Art
Mrs H Pope DT/MFL
Mr J Olney Curriculum
Mrs P Taylor Music
Mr D Stowell Orchestra
Mrs H Barber Orchestra/Singing/Drums
Mrs J Daubney SEN/LAC
Ms S Fox Pastoral/Safeguarding
Mrs S Dale SEMH Lead
Mrs E Dyer SEMH Assistant
Mrs D Clarke SEMH Assistant
Mrs M Lister-Kaye Nurture
Ms S Sundhari Forest School
Learning Lab
Mrs K Johnson LL Teacher
Ms H Ashdown Art
Mr G Pope PE
Teaching & Classroom Assistants
Mrs M Keymer
Mr S Barnden
Mrs L Holmes
Ms A Gwilliam
Mrs A Empson
Ms R Parris-King
Mrs A Walsh
Mrs L Woodfield
Mrs V Garrard
Mrs T Pugh
Mrs J Watts
Mrs K Medlar
Midday Meals Supervisors
Mrs T Pugh
Mrs C Rose
Mrs V Dale
Office, Business, Premises and Finance
Mrs J Tuttle Director Business & Community Strategy
Mrs L Wilcox Finance Director
Mrs S Cooke Data Manager
Mrs S Turner School Administrator
Miss J Larkins Clerical Assistant
Mrs J Watson Clerical Assistant
Mr M Hampstead ICT Services Manager
Mr C Hillebrandt ICT Technical Support
Mr M Tuttle Site Manager
Road Crossing Patrol
Mr R Kerrison
Mrs S Conroy
Kitchen Team
Mr F Smith
Mrs V Green
Mrs M Miles
Mrs G Smith
Monthind Cleaning Team
Mr I Wilsea
Ms S Adlington
School Dog
School Grounds/Gardens
Mrs D Scott Volunteer
Mr P Scott Volunteer