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The Three Is of Our Curriculum


Intent – Shaping Future Leaders

At our school, the intent of our curriculum is rooted in a commitment to foster well-rounded individuals equipped with key life and communication skills. We place a paramount focus on developing children's verbal communication skills and vocabulary, ensuring they can express themselves effectively. Our mission is to design a curriculum that embraces inclusivity, providing a broad and balanced education that caters to the diverse needs of all pupils.

We are dedicated to offering high-quality opportunities in sport, music, and the creative arts, complemented by our BVS Horizon’s programme. This includes not only academic excellence but also a strong emphasis on spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. We aspire to cultivate learners who are not only successful, independent and motivated, but also exhibit reliability, responsibility and resilience. Our commitment extends to nurturing physical development, well-being, and mental health, ensuring our pupils can articulate their thoughts and feelings effectively.