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Desired Impact

“Open communication with parent and staff is superb” Parent

How do we know that our curriculum is having the general desired impact?


  • Become more knowledgeable;
  • Have higher levels of confidence in delivering all areas of the curriculum;
  • Can give senior leaders and curriculum leads feedback about what is working well;
  • Are accurately aware of how children are coping with the taught curriculum;
  • Teach consistently well; applying agreed pedagogical practices in all lessons;
  • Plan coherent learning journeys based on overviews;
  • Seek support from curriculum leads when necessary.


  • Can talk with confidence about what they have learned, using correct vocabulary;
  • Are enthused and interested in a wide range of curriculum areas;
  • Can talk about specific characteristics of subjects and the skills associated with them;
  • Can show adults examples of their learning and describe the ‘why’ behind the work they have produced;
  • Demonstrate good learning behaviours in all lessons;
  • Able to explain how their learning builds on previous learning;
  • Are able to make thoughtful links between subjects.

Children’s work:

  • Demonstrates that they take pride in what they produce - children show the same effort as they would in Maths or English;
  • Captures their increasing understanding of key concepts;
  • Illustrates their developing understanding of disciplines in subjects as well as content knowledge;
  • Shows that a coherent teaching sequence has taken place;
  • Demonstrates our curriculum emphasis on vocabulary.

Visitors & Governors:

  • Give us positive feedback about children’s engagement & behaviour;
  • Comment on high-quality work they see;
  • Report that leaders are clear on strengths & weaknesses with clear plans to address these.

Our Families:

  • Give us positive feedback about their children’s attitudes to school;
  • Share examples of when their children have been enthused by the curriculum (e.g. when they have talked about it or carried out their own research and further learning).